coyoterockentranceThe Story of Coyote Rock

The vision of Coyote Rock started in 1908 when the waterfront homesites were originally platted. For over 100 years, the site was used for industrial purposes such as a cement plant and gravel pit. When Neighborhood Inc., developer of the Mill River site in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, purchased the site in 2007, the original vision for this breathtaking Spokane River community was finally realized.

Over 100 Years Later...

After the redistribution of over 400,000 cubic yards of earth and much needed clean-up, Spokane's most incredible neighborhood was created. Coyote Rock now offers waterfront homes in Spokane with an exceptional living experience.

Secondary waterfront homesites have also been added that provide access to the Spokane River and Centennial Trail. This once-in-a-lifetime living opportunity has finally been realized after patiently waiting for over a century.



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